Taking a flight is a recommended way to get to Bhutan. Bhutan has only one international airport, which is located in Paro. There are two airlines operating international flights connecting Bhutan to the world, they are Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines.


Druk Air

Druk Air connects Paro (PBH) with the following cities:

Bangkok (BKK), Thailand
Kathmandu (KTM), Nepal
Singapore (SIN), Singapore
Delhi (DEL), India
Mumbai (BOM), India
Kolkata (CCU), India
Bagdogra (IXB), India
Gaya (GAY), India
Guwahati (GAU), India
Dhaka (DAC), Bangladesh

To check the latest flight availability from Druk Air, please click here to open the page, and then click the button "BOOK A FLIGHT". Alternatively, you can contact us for the latest flight schedule.


Bhutan Airlines

Bhutan Airlines connects Paro (PBH) with the following cities:

Bangkok (BKK), Thailand
Kathmandu (KTM), Nepal
Delhi (DEL), India
Kolkata (CCU), India

To get the latest flight schedule from Bhutan Airlines, please click here.


Purchase Your Flight Ticket(s)

For the flight connecting Paro with the cities listed above, you can either engage us to purchase the ticket(s) for you, or purchase the ticket(s) directly with Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines.


International Connection Flight

Many travelers may not be able to fly directly to Bhutan. In such cases, an international connection flight will be required. When you book your international connection flight, please take the following issues into consideration:

1. Due to the geographical location and operating challenges out of Paro airport in Bhutan, flights of Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are severely dependent on weather conditions. Scheduled timings are subject to change without prior notice. So we highly recommend you to book an international connection flight that can be re-scheduled.

2. Whether your luggage can be checked-in through from your home country to Bhutan and from Bhutan back to you home country highly depends on the operator of the international connection flight. In most of the cases this is not possible, so in the connection city one of the travellers in your group has to clear immigration, pick up the luggage and then go to the counter to check in the luggage again. But there are some exceptions. If you want to know more details, feel free to tell us the operator of your international connection flight so we can check for you. Alternatively, you can directly consult with Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines.


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