To facilitate your planning, our travel guideline provides you with all the attractions and activities which you may want to enjoy during your trip in Bhutan. You can simply highlight to us what attractions and activities you want to cover in your itinerary. We will tailor-make an itinerary for you and make sure you won't miss out anything you want.

Cultural Guideline

Cultural Guideline illustrates all the main attractions in each town. From the information provided in this guideline, you can decide which town you want to cover and how many days you would like to spend in this town.

Festival Guideline

Festival Guideline introduces the main festivals in Bhutan. From the information provided in this guideline, you can add a festival into your itinerary as long as the festival drops in your travel period.

Trekking Guidline

Trekking Guideline lists out all the famous treks in Bhutan with duration and suitable season for each. From the information provided in this guideline, you can add a trek into your itinerary.

Special Interest Guideline

Special Interest Guideline suggests many special activities from which you can combine your journey in Bhutan with your personal interests. The activities suggested are only examples. Tell us your dream. We will help you realise it.

Planning Example: David's Bhutan Trip

Step One: Tell us the length of your trip and the towns that you want to cover.

David: Hi there, I am a solo traveler. I want to go for a 9-day trip in Bhutan. After reading your Cultural Guideline, I would like to focus on Western Bhutan only. For towns with more attractions like Paro and Thimphu, I think I should stay more than one day.

Step Two: Would you like to attend a festival in Bhutan?

David: After reading your Festival Guideline, I realise that the Black-Necked Crane Festival drops in the 5th day of my trip. I would like to attend this festival to touch the spirit of Bhutanese people.

Step Three: Would you like to go for a trek?

David: I love trekking but since my trip is not very long, I decide to go for a 2-day Bumdra Trek in Paro introduced in your Trekking Guideline.

Step Four: Would you like to combine your personal interests with your trip? Do you have any special requests?

David: To really experience the life of Bhutanese, I would like to spend one night staying in a Bhutanese home with local folks, as one of the options in your Special Interest Guideline. And also, I heard about the famous Uma Paro long ago. So I want to stay one night in this five-star hotel.

Step Five: We tailor-make an itinerary for you.

We: Dear David, thank you for choosing us as your travel partner in Bhutan. Based on your requirements, we are pleased to provide you with the draft itinerary below.

Day 1: Paro (Arrival)
Visit: Ta Dzong, Rinpung Dzong, Kyichu Lhakhang
Stay: Hotel in Paro

Day 2: Paro – Haa Valley – Paro
Visit: Chele-La Pass, Haa Valley
Special activities: Picnic at the river bank of Haa Vally
Stay: Hotel in Paro

Day 3: Paro – Thimphu
Visit: Tachog Lhakhang Bridge, Buddha Dordenma, Folk Heritage Museum, Tashichho Dzong, National Memorial Chorten
Special activities: Watching a archery match of local people
Stay: Hotel in Thimphu

Day 4: Thimphu – Punakha
Visit: Dochula Pass, Chimi Lhakhang, Punakha Dzong, Punakha Suspension Bridge
Stay: Hotel in Punakha

Day 5: Punakha – Gangtey
Visit: Gangtey Monastery, Black-Necked Crane Information Centre
Special activities: Attending Black-Necked Crane Festival, a short trek in Phobjikha Valley
Stay: Bhutanese home

Day 6: Gangtey – Thimphu
Visit: Institute for Zorig Chusum, Takin Enclosure, Sangaygang
Stay: Hotel in Thimphu

Day 7: Thimphu – Paro (Bumdra Trek Day 1)
Special activities: Trekking
Stay: Camp

Day 8: Paro (Bumdra Trek Day 2)
Visit: Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) Monastery
Stay: Uma Paro

Day 9: Paro (Departure)

Please feel free to contact us if you want to make any adjustments. We are always ready to assist you.

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